Health Village's personal data register

Data controller

When you log in to Health Village, your information is registered in the customer register of the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District (HUS). Regarding customer data, the controller is HUS.

If you use the service as part of a patient care relationship, the controller is the hospital district responsible for your treatment or another health care unit.

HUS provides and maintains the Health Village service and acts as the processor of personal data of patients in other hospital districts. HUS maintains the customer register, and if you are in a patient care relationship with the hospital district, the patient register is maintained by the hospital district providing treatment (e.g. HUS, Hospital District of Southwest Finland, Pirkanmaa Hospital District, Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District, North Savo Hospital District).

Contact information and data protection officers

More detailed information on the processing of your personal data and the contact details of the data protection officers can be found on each hospital district's website:



Updated  27.7.2022