Health Village's service providers and partners

Health Village is a service developed and maintained by top social and healthcare experts. It is closely linked to university research, which guarantees the reliability of care and information. Building the services involves cooperation with national e-health service development projects, patients and patient organizations as well as with different higher education institutions.

​​​Health Village's producers

The Health Village's services were created in the Virtual Hospital 2.0 project, coordinated by HUS, as a joint project for all university hospital districts in Finland. The project was supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in 2016–2018. Although the project period has ended, the development of Health Village continues.

You can find more information about the Virtual Hospital 2.0 project on the page presenting the project:

Get to know Health Village's producers on each university hospital's own website:

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You can find all of Health Village's contact information and contact channels summarized on Health Village's contact information page: Health Village's ​contact information



Updated  27.7.2022