Health Village's contact information

On this page you will find information on where to contact if you gave questions or technical problems.

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Feedback on content

If you want to give feedback on any of the content of Health Vilage's services:

  • You can give feedback about Health Village's hubs and the Omapolku service by using Health Village's general feedback form.
  • The contact information for the content feedback of the HealthVillagePRO service is mentioned with each content

The feedback form also allows you to leave anonymous feedback.

Questions related to Health Village's communication

You can send questions about Health Village's communications to

Health Village's technical contacts

Problems related to the visibility, functionality or integrity of the content are technical. In technical problem situations, you can contact Health Village's support using the feedback form.

Contact information for Health Village's services by university hospital district


  • Health Village's hubs: Tuukka Mäkelä
  • HealthVillagePRO: Minna Rauhala
  • Health Village's My Path: Sonja Kasari
  • Contact:







Updated  27.7.2022