Health Village and research in general

Research related to medical science, nursing science and digital services are among the types of research that can be carried out in Health Village.

Research and development activities in Health Village are systematic activities to increase information and use researched information to find new applications. The objective of these activities is to produce something new or strengthen existing operations.

Research and development activities include basic research, applied research, interdisciplinary research and development work. In the development work of Health Village, the information obtained as a result of and through research is used to create new production processes, methods and systems or to significantly improve existing ones.

The main objective of Health Village's research activities is to help researchers carry out high-quality research and to highlight the societal impact of the research. Health Village services are built and developed in cooperation between five university hospital districts, and researchers are involved in all stages of service development. Health Village supports cooperation between developers and researchers.

Research practices and permits

Research practices follow the instructions and decisions of each university and university hospital district. Researchers must have a research permit, and the organization must appoint a contact person. In case of an intervention or interview study, i.e. the study is targeted at patients, the research plan and setting must be assessed in the ethics committee. Research permits are granted by a specialized healthcare line organization for each patient group.

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Updated  27.7.2022