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Poison Information Centre

The Poison Information Centre is a national telephone service open 24 hours a day.

Open 24 h/day

0800 147 111 (toll free)

09 471 977 (normal call pricing)

The Poison Information Centre can answer your questions on how to prevent and treat exposure to toxins. They provide advice both to the public and to health care professionals. The Poison Information Centre does not treat patients nor does it conduct toxin analysis.

The Poison Information Centre cannot provide general advice on medications or food, nor can they guide you in the treatment of illnesses, allergies, or poisoned animals.

Pick the correct expert

  • General medication guidance: pharmacies

  • Poisoned animals: veterinarian

  • Bites and stings from non-venomous animals, allergies, treatment guidance for illness, and general health care guidance: the health care helpline or other on-call unit at your locality

  • Acute food poisoning: health care clinic or emergency room

  • General information about foodstuffs: municipal food authorities

  • Medications or other external factors potentially harmful to fertility, pregnancy, or breastfeeding: Teratological information service.

Updated 1.5.2021