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Where to seek treatment with acute health issues?

Treatment for acute health issues is provided either in the day-time clinics at health care centres or in emergency departments operating 24 hours a day, depending on the issue.

Health care centres and clinics

A busy emergency department is not always the best place to treat even an acute medical issue. With many health issues, you can get the best and quickest care in your own health care centre’s emergency or urgent care clinic. These clinics can treat acute health issues as well as minor injuries arising from accidents.

  • Health care centres and clinics are open primarily on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm.

24-hour emergency departments

24-hour emergency departments treat patients with such acute illnesses or injuries that their treatment cannot be delayed until the next working day without the risk of the illness or injury becoming worse.

  • 24-hour emergency departments are always open.

Contact information for emergency services

Contact information for your local medical helpline and emergency care services are best found on the website of your own home municipality or the region’s central hospital. The Apua 24/7 service provided by Mentalhub.fi may also help you find contact information.

You can find contact information for the emergency departments in university central hospital districts in the Emergency Hub’s Services section.

"If you have an acute social or health issue, and do not know what to do, call the Medical Helpline at 116117.

When traveling out of your own home municipality, emergency care will be provided by the nearest unit providing urgent care. After urgent treatment has been rendered, patients will usually be directed to their own regional hospital for further care or examinations.

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Updated 1.5.2021