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What to consider in the emergency department

There are many possible situations to be aware of when visiting the emergency department.

There are many mental images and situations that may trouble your mind when going to the emergency department and when receiving emergency care. Among these issues may be if food is served in the emergency department, or why you may have to wait to receive care? Below are some things to be aware of when you or your close person must go to the emergency department.

An assessment of the need for care is always conducted in the emergency department, even if the client has phoned the Medical Helpline before seeking care at the emergency department. This is a procedure because not all urgent health issues can be accurately assessed over the phone without seeing the client. The client’s condition may also have changed during the journey. If the client’s health issue does require treatment at the emergency department, its urgency will be evaluated and necessary treatment resources allocated in accordance with current guidelines.

It is difficult to predict the number of patients who need emergency care at a given time, which is why emergency services may at times be very busy. For example, the first frost of the autumn leads to an increase in accidents, and respiratory infection or stomach flu epidemics may also cause congestion.

It is good to come to the emergency department prepared to wait for your turn. The professional personnel at the emergency department are always striving to treat all patients smoothly and in a reasonable time period. The staff are there for you, the patient.

Most emergency departments offer the chance to buy a snack and a drink. Some examinations may require you do not eat or drink, and therefore you should always check with staff if you may eat or drink normally. In most cases, you can take your normal home medication at the usual time.

It is usually permitted to use a mobile phone at the emergency department. However, taking photographs in a non-public place is prohibited, as is publishing the pictures of other people in, for example, social media without their permission.

If needed, you can bring a companion or a personal assistant to the emergency department. However, the number of accompanying persons may be limited, and some treatment rooms in the emergency department may be strictly off-limits to non-patients.

The next of kin of the patient may inquire over the phone on the progress of the treatment. Information will not be revealed to outsiders. Emergency departments do not normally have actual visiting hours, but visits to the emergency department by others than those very closest to the patient should be avoided.

No disturbing or violent behaviour in the emergency department will be permitted. A guard will be present in the emergency department to ensure the safety of patients and staff. Guards have the right to remove any person causing a disturbance from the emergency department.

Updated 1.5.2021