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What to bring to the emergency room?

Coming appropriately prepared makes your trip to the emergency department smoother.

A health issue will often come up at a moment’s notice, and going to emergency care is hardly planned. But if your condition and the situation permit it, you should take a moment to think what you may need during your trip to the emergency department and what you will not. Up-to-date information on your medication will make the care providers’ work easier and tools to stay in touch with your family and other personal things will help you stay comfortable. Sooner or later you will need your home keys and money for a return journey as well.

What to bring to the emergency room

  • Kela card

  • up-to-date list of medications and allergy information

  • home keys

  • contact information for your next of kin (name and phone no.)

  • mobile phone and charger

  • a small amount of cash for the journey home (you are liable for up to 25 € of taxi costs)

  • asthma medication, insulin, eye drops, or other specialty medication you have been prescribed. The selection of medications available in the emergency department is often limited

  • dosage instructions related to antikoagulant medication, such as your Marevan card

  • any medical devices you use at home (e.g. CPAP device for sleep apnoea or other breathing support equipment)

  • medical records or X-ray images from other health care units related to the ailment that needs emergency treatment

  • spare clothes and personal hygiene supplies as necessary

Leave at home

  • valuables such as jewellery or watches

  • credit cards

  • large sums of cash

Updated 1.5.2021