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Evaluation of the need for emergency care

A health care professional collaborates with the client to evaluate the seriousness of their symptoms and the possible need for emergency care.

Evaluation of the need for emergency care means a professional’s assessment of whether a client needs urgent examination and treatment in the health care services to cope with their health issue. The client and their next of kin as well as all health care professionals the client is in contact with participate in the evaluation. The evaluation of the need for care is primarily conducted by telephone.

The evaluation will be conducted on an individual basis considering the client’s situation and any risk factors. The necessary care may take place in the emergency department, through another health care services unit, or in another appropriate manner.

Apart from evaluation of the need for emergency care over the telephone, various online e-services providing assessment and guidance of acute health issues will help in evaluating the need for care before a health care professional is being consulted.

Updated 1.5.2021