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Encountering an unresponsive person

When helping a person who does not react, the most important steps are to call for aid and to ensure their airway is open. Unless the person is breathing normally, they will be defined as unresponsive, and CPR must be administered.

This video instructs you on how to take action when encountering an unresponsive person.

Calling for help

Try to get the person to wake up by talking at them and shaking them. If they cannot be roused, immediately call for help: dial the emergency number 112. When you are connected to the emergency response centre, put the phone on speaker mode, and follow the instructions of the dispatcher.

112 Suomi mobile app

It is best to use the 112 Suomi mobile app to call for help. Through the mobile app, the emergency response centre is automatically notified of the location of the event and help can get there faster.

Opening up the airway

Place the person on their back on a solid platform.

Open their airway by lifting their chin. See if the person is breathing normally and if their chest is moving in a regular fashion.

Feel for a flow of air using your cheek or the back of your hand. Do not spend more than 10 seconds assessing their breathing.

Cardiac arrest may be associated with infrequent, possibly loud or snoring and irregular breaths. Breathing like this is not normal.

Updated 1.5.2021