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Welcome to the Stop and assist at the scene of an accident online class!

At the Stop and assist at the scene of an accident online class, we will guide you on how to act when arriving at the scene of a traffic accident.

This online class contains an instructional video and a theory section. We will demonstrate how to act on a traffic accident scene, ensure safety, and help the victims of a traffic accident before first responder can arrive. After the end of the class, you can test your knowledge with a brief multiple choice quiz.

This online class is free and meant for anyone interested in helping those in need. You can use the course material to learn about helping at the scene of an accident or rehearse your existing knowledge and skills. The most important thing is that after taking this online class, you have the confidence to stop and help.

In order to acquire sufficient first aid skills and to maintain them, the best option is to participate in a first aid class that offers practical instruction. In various locales, courses like these are provided by, for example, the Finnish Red Cross.

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Updated 1.5.2021