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Acting at the scene of an accident

When a traffic accident has occurred, it is important to call for help and to prevent further accidents.

This video demonstrates one possible set of actions to take on arriving at the scene of an accident.

Arriving at the scene of an accident

When arriving at the scene of a traffic accident, stop at a safe location and turn on the hazard lights on your car. Ensure your own safety, beware of any airbags that may yet be triggered in the accident vehicle.

Calling for help

Call for help: dial the emergency number 112. When you are connected to the emergency response centre, put the phone on speaker mode, and follow the instructions of the dispatcher.

112 Suomi mobile app

It is best to use the 112 Suomi mobile app to call for help. Through the mobile app, the emergency response centre is automatically notified of the location of the event and help can get there faster.

Assess the situation

Assess the accident scene and the number of victims. A victim screaming in pain may attract all the attention, leaving a quiet, unconscious victim unnoticed.

Updated 1.5.2021