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About Päivystyshelppi

Päivystyshelppi is an e-service to evaluate an adult’s need for care and services. It provides you with information, support, and advice with acute health issues prior to contacting a health care professional.

Päivystyshelppi is an information retrieval service intended for clients over 16 years of age provided in Finnish. It offers guidance to assess your need for care and services, to guide you to the correct treatment, and to support your capacity for self-care with acute health issues. The service will provide support with health issues or accident and direct you to receive the correct help at the correct time even before you actually contact a health care professional.

Päivystyshelppi is a collaborative effort by emergency medicine and care experts in university hospital districts.

How does Päivystyshelppi work?

You can use Päivystyshelppi to search for instructions matching your search terms and criteria (gender, body part). The symptom- and injury-specific instructions provided by Päivystyshelppi will guide you to either call the emergency number 112, to immediately contact the emergency department of your own local health care clinic or hospital, or to contact a health care professional, primarily your own health care clinic or the medical helpline, within the prescribed time period. With minor health issues, Päivystyshelppi provides you with instructions and support to care for yourself and monitor your condition.

Päivystyshelppi supports and guides you to seek the correct treatment. It will not evaluate the severity of any individual symptom and can never replace an assessment of the need for care conducted by a professional in person.

Päivystyshelppi can be used with the Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge browsers. You can go to Päivystyshelppi using the Go to Päivystyshelppi button below.


You can give feedback on Päivystyshelppi using the Feedback on Päivystyshelppi link below.

Updated 1.5.2021