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Identifying a situation that requires emergency assistance

In an emergency, being able to rapidly assess a situation and call for help as soon as possible play a crucial role in the activation of the emergency services.

Without an emergency call that any one of us can make, the emergency response centre cannot possibly know to alert the emergency medical services to assist an ill or injured person. Being able to quickly assess a situation, and having the courage to react and call for help has the potential to significantly improve the survival prospects of an injured or ill person in a wide variety of situations.

Various symptoms and injuries may require both first aid and emergency medical care. Immediate emergency treatment is required if the basic vital functions, breathing and/or circulation, of the person in need are threatened. Emergency medical care is urgently needed if delaying the start of treatment may lead to the worsening of the illness or injury. Even though immediate or urgent emergency treatment may not always be called for, an ill or injured person may nevertheless require the assistance of the emergency medical services.

Updated 1.5.2021