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Ending an emergency medical services assignment

For a patient being transported by EMS, their prehospital care ends when the emergency nurses hand over responsibility for the patient to the receiving health care professional.

The emergency medical services are responsible for the patient’s treatment until such time as they are admitted to the hospital as a patient. The emergency nurse provides the receiving health care professional with a report of what the patient’s prehospital treatment encompassed. Reporting between health care professional is vital to the continuity of the patient’s treatment. After verbal reporting is complete, the emergency nurse files a written emergency medical care report, logging every treatment event of the prehospital care period, with the hospital.

For EMS assignments ending with patient transportation, a 25 euro co-payment is charged from the patient via invoice.

After an EMS assignment, the unit’s maintenance is seen to

The nature of the preceding EMS assignment determines how extensively the EMS unit must be serviced and restocked prior to the next assignment. After the unit’s maintenance is complete and the assignment is finished, the EMS unit reports to the emergency response centre it is ready to be dispatched once again.

Updated 1.5.2021