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Emergency procedures

In order to treat a patient at the emergency department, a variety of procedures or medications may be necessary.

A registered nurse places a venous cannula on a patient with back pain in order to administer medication on Yle’s Elossa 24 documentary series (producer: ITV Studios Finland). A venous cannula may be needed, for example, to relieve pain or administer rehydration. (Video in finnish)

A patient who has been injured in an accident may need a splint to support a hurt limb or a cast to help a broken bone heal. A wound needs cleaning, and often sutures or skin glue besides.

Procedures such as these often occur during a visit to the physician or immediately thereafter. In some situations, procedures may need to begin as soon as the patient arrives at the emergency department. The procedures are usually conducted in a separate procedure room, or at the patient’s bed while covered by curtains. Depending on the procedure, it may be conducted by the physician, or another member of the medical staff as befits their competence and job description.

Updated 1.5.2021