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Follow-up meetings in diabetes

The follow-up visits or meetings are individually planned and carried out either face to face or remotely.

Earlier, it was customary for people with diabetes to have regular appointments with set intervals with a doctor or nurse at the care unit. Now, follow-up meetings with your personal doctor, nurse or other members of the care team as well as other communication are tailored to individual needs to take place either more or less frequently, face to face or via a remote connection.

The care and its monitoring, the necessary care equipment, inspections and follow-up meetings are mutually agreed and entered in your care plan. More frequent guidance visits and care meetings are needed in the early stages, when increasing the effectiveness of the therapy or when changing the type of therapy. Once the therapy targets have been met, the meetings can take place less frequently or remotely, depending on your individual circumstances.

More frequent meetings are necessary if the therapy targets have not yet been met or if you are facing challenges in terms of your life situation, psychological or social coping, implementation of therapy or coping with it.

The development of therapy technology, digital self-service paths, submitting the results of self-monitoring via the application to a cloud server or the care unit support self-management in a new way.

Usually, it is good to meet or mutually assess the situation at least on an annual basis. Then, in addition to assessing self-management, blood sugar balance, and blood pressure, factors and potential symptoms and findings related to the risk of diabetes-related and vascular diseases are investigated. Additionally, you can ponder and address challenges brought about by diabetes and its treatment, as well as resilience in care, together with your care team.

Updated 8.11.2023