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Diabetes care guidance content

Care guidance is individual and depends on the situation. Its content varies based on person's needs, the nature and stage of the diabetes as well as their life situation.

Diabetes care guidance is implemented on a case-by-case basis, face to face or online, by means of individual or group guidance. Key issues after the crucial or immediate concerns at the initial stage of diabetes include:

  • The underlying factors and origin of diabetes

  • Care goals, principles and opportunities

  • The care plan

  • Self-monitoring your blood sugar, interpreting and utilising the results

  • Self-monitoring your blood pressure

  • Follow-up meetings and inspections at the care unit

  • Daily coping and the psychosocial challenges

  • A healthy diet to promote a healthy heart and control your blood sugar

  • Exercise to improve your health and mood

  • Weight control

  • Diabetes medication

  • Treating insulin deficiency with different insulin products

  • Treating diabetes in varying situations, such as during exercise, illness or travel

  • Diabetes and substance use

  • The prevention and treatment of acute issues, such as low or high blood sugar

  • The prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of diabetes-related complications

  • Oral health and self-care

  • Foot health and self-care

  • Birth control, diabetes monitoring and treatment during pregnancy

  • Traffic safety

Updated 8.11.2023