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Fear of diabetes complications

A fear of the complications related to diabetes is not uncommon, even though their incidence rate has been significantly reduced.

Inadequately treated, diabetes reduces the operation and health of both small and large blood vessels. Organs can be affected by chronicly high blood sugar, blood pressure, lipid disorders and smoking. However, good holistic treatment and monitoring can prevent serious complications or slow down the progress of complications that are already in existence. That being said, a person with diabetes must acknowledge the risk of various related conditions in addition to living with diabetes and the required treatments.

What can make it easier to manage the fear of complications is knowing about the results of modern treatments and the factors related to the risk of complications as well as talking to your nurse or doctor about good enough care.

While the fear of complications can also motivate one to take care of oneself as well as possible, fear does not act as an empowering incentive, and too strict management can be countered by an increase in occurrences of excessively low blood sugars. Being overly anxious or worried over a long period of time is exhausting and it can expose you to diabetes burnout or even depression.

Ways to manage your fear

If you are feeling overwhelming fear, you can try to control it by focusing on the important things in your life that bring you pleasure. Some can overcome their fear by talking about it and their feelings, whereas others may find relief in talking to and comparing experiences with their peers. It may also be useful to talk to diabetes professionals who have a wealth of experience in the coping mechanisms of people living with diabetes as well as solutions to various care challenges.

Factual information, getting heard and a calm, unhurried meeting with a professional can help increase the sense of security and help you overcome your fears.

Updated 8.11.2023