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Career choice and insulin therapy

A person with insulin-dependent diabetes may be subject to some restrictions when it comes to career choices.

The restrictions are mainly related to the risk of blood sugar dropping too low. This has an effect on the safety not only of the person themselves but also of their colleagues and potentially customers. There are some professions for which a person with insulin-dependent diabetes is not suitable due to blood sugar variations. On the other hand, work should not risk your health. You should pay special attention to the following work-related risk factors:

  • How physically strenuous is the work?

  • How mentally stressful is the work?

  • Can you expect variations in strenuousness or stressfulness?

  • Is it possible to take breaks?

  • Does the work involve three-shift or night-shift work?

  • Does the job involve a lot of travel?

  • Does the job involve working at height or on your own?

Working in roles such as police officer, firefighter, soldier, and pilot may pose a risk to those with type 1 diabetes or others, as these professions might place individuals in situations where it becomes impossible to manage blood sugar levels. For this reason, type 1 diabetes requiring regular insulin therapy is a barrier to entering training in these fields. However, even in these professions, it's often possible to continue working if diagnosed with diabetes while already in the job. However, the tasks and responsibilities might change.

Updated 8.11.2023