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Career choice and diabetes

Most professions are suitable for persons with diabetes. However, when choosing a profession, it's important that you consider how the management of diabetes fits with the job tasks

Profession and education are everyone’s personal choices. The choice is mostly influenced by your individual traits and interests.

When thinking about your future profession, you should consider how well you will be able to treat diabetes during your daily work duties. Depending on individual needs, you must be able to check your blood sugar, administer insulin as well as eat snacks and meals during your working day.

In terms of your whole career, you should use your abilities and energy to get yourself an education. It provides you with the best chance of finding meaningful employment where you are also able to manage your diabetes.

When weighing your career choices, you can consult the health care unit of your educational institution, a student counsellor, or a vocational guidance counsellor at the job centre.

When planning for an education, you should contact the educational institution to find out the health requirements related to the degree you are considering as well as the driving licence requirements related to the profession before applying for a place.

You can also find a wide range of information on the internet about the job descriptions and requirements for hundreds of professions.

Updated 8.11.2023