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Diabetes and social security

The social and health services related to diabetes are covered by general legislation. If necessary, the social worker at your care provider can assist you with questions regarding social security.

The need of a person with diabetes for social security and their rights to various benefits or services based on the medical condition vary depending on the condition and personal life situation. If diabetes, related complications or potential other chronic diseases affect your ability to work or function, you should contact the social worker at your care unit. The public health care social worker can assess your situation and refer you to suitable social security benefits or services. The most important thing is for you to actively find information and ask for advice.

For a person with diabetes, important social security benefits other than medication reimbursements and equipment include:

  • Kela’s disability benefits

    • Disability benefits for persons under the age of 16

    • Disability benefits for persons aged 16 or over

    • Care allowance for pensioners

  • Allowance for informal caregivers

  • Different rehabilitation and income options during the rehabilitation period

Rehabilitationhub provides general information and advice regarding your and your loved ones’ well-being and social security in Finnish and Swedish, public services and support modes as well as instructions on how, where and on what grounds you can apply for them. Rehabilitationhub also includes a problem navigator tool (Pulmanavigaattori, in Finnish) designed by social work professionals, which helps you assess your or your loved one’s need for social support.

On the other pages of the Diabeteshub, there is information about rehabilitation and medication reimbursements.

Updated 8.11.2023