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In hobby communities with diabetes

Each person with diabetes chooses for themselves what they share about their condition and with whom. However, sharing information within hobby communities can make it easier to integrate diabetes naturally into the activity and increase your safety.

A hobby community can offer a person with diabetes the chance to focus on things other than diabetes management and coping with the condition. The opportunity to get excited, be inspired, and focus on other things is important for coping with the demands of self-management.

It is crucial that, regardless of the community, the way a person with diabetes wants to present or highlight their condition is respected. Sometimes, a hobby can specifically be a place and opportunity to "be like everyone else" and momentarily forget about diabetes and its management challenges, even if the hobby itself may pose its own challenges for diabetes care.

As a friend and hobby companion of someone with diabetes, the most important thing is to listen to the person and their wishes, and respect their right to determine how much, for example, diabetes is present in different contexts. A lot can also be done by actively showing interest in diabetes and its management and seeking additional information from reliable sources on your own.