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Diabetes and sharing emotions in a romantic relationship

Sharing emotions is key to intimacy. Feeling close to loved ones and those close to us is important.

To experience genuine intimacy in a romantic relationship, we must be able to express all our emotional states and feelings fearlessly, including the difficult ones. Often, it is the sharing of these difficult emotions that is felt to bring people closer in a relationship. The sharing of emotions can be hindered by, for example, the fear of hurting the other person, or the thought that one does not want to burden and worry the other. If one is not used to talking about their feelings and needs, it may be that they do not know how or do not have the words. Also, the fear of breaking down if one stops to think about how they are feeling can prevent the sharing of emotions.

It is important to pause and consider what our feelings are telling us. Often, emotions are underpinned by needs, so it is crucial to recognize one's own feelings and the messages from one's body. Recognizing emotions enables discussion about them. For example, fear may signal a need for safety, sadness that something important is being lost, and shame may convey a need for acceptance.

Emotional skills are not a static state but something each of us can practice and improve in. If necessary, professional help can also be sought to learn these skills.