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Rehabilitation in diabetes

The goal of rehabilitation is to promote the well-being and ability to function and work of an individual or family. Designed together with professionals, it comprises activities tailored to individual needs and goals.

Rehabilitation is a general and collective concept, which covers all target-oriented therapeutic or rehabilitative activities as well as activities aimed at promoting the ability to work. Rehabilitation is divided into medical rehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation, rehabilitative work activities, and social rehabilitation. The responsibility for assessing the need for rehabilitation and for directing to rehabilitation services lies with the wellbeing service counties.

One part of the care of a person with diabetes is identifying the need for rehabilitation and, if necessary, referring the person to rehabilitation. If diabetes, related complications or other illnesses reduce your ability to cope, work or function, please discuss the different available rehabilitation options with your nurse or doctor. Public health care rehabilitation instructors, social workers or Kela’s rehabilitation specialists can also help with rehabilitation matters or with filing an application.

On the next few pages, you can find more information about diabetes rehabilitation as well as supporting services and courses.

Updated 8.11.2023