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Adaptation training in diabetes

Adaptation training is an activity aimed at helping an individual and their close ones to accept illness or disability and to cope with it.

Being diagnosed with diabetes can affect the daily life of the affected person and their loved ones in many different ways. After the initial stage, some persons with diabetes may feel that, in order to cope, they will need some extra support in addition to the guidance provided by their treatment centre. Often, they also feel the need to share experiences with their peers or talk to professionals.

Much like in diabetes as a condition, there are different stages in life. The reserves of strength and ability to cope come to the fore, especially at such turbulent times. Sometimes, they can also trigger the need to focus on taking care of yourself and, thereby, the self-care of diabetes.

Adaptation training is available – and you should take advantage of it – after the early stages of diabetes or when there are significant changes taking place either in terms of diabetes or your life. Adaptation training takes place in groups, and it may also be offered online. In essence, it is support and life stories shared by peers in similar life situations and with similar experiences as well as discussions steered by professionals.

You can find suitable courses on the websites of Kela or the Finnish Diabetes Association.

Updated 8.11.2023