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Actors in diabetes rehabilitation

Diabetes rehabilitation and adaptation training courses are organised for different age groups from families with children to the elderly.

Diabetes rehabilitation is available through courses arranged by rehabilitation institutions or as outpatient meetings. Rehabilitation courses often last several days. They may comprise several parts and they may also include online contact. Courses for persons with diabetes and their loved ones typically involve plenty of group activities.

Health care

Public health care organises diabetes rehabilitation – primarily for families with children or young people – either itself or outsourced to rehabilitation service providers. Public health care is responsible for establishing the need for rehabilitation and referring patients to rehabilitation.

Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland)

Kela offers adults with diabetes adaptation training for specific types of diabetes in the form of optional medical rehabilitation. There is also adaptation training organised by Kela available to children with diabetes and their families as well as young people.

Diabetes adaptation training courses are produced for Kela by independent rehabilitation service providers. Kela invites tenders from service providers and determines a rehabilitation service description on the basis of which the rehabilitation organiser must design and implement the rehabilitation.


Organisations are important in terms of providing courses that support rehabilitation. The Finnish Diabetes Association organises diabetes courses for persons with diabetes of different ages and in different life situations as well as their loved ones. The Finnish Diabetes Association also provides a wide range of activities and events that support rehabilitation.

The common courses of organisations meet the need for rehabilitation especially when complications related to diabetes or multiple diseases create challenges in daily life.

Updated 8.11.2023