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Analysing the glucose sensor results

It's advisable to periodically review the measurement results from the glucose sensor, as well as the statistics and graphs derived from them, and to share them with your diabetes care provider using various programs or applications.

You can view and analyse the sensing reports using a smartphone or computer. Continuous glucose sensing monitors the following variables during the operating period:

  • The number of blood sugar tests or scans per day

  • The utilisation rate of the sensor, target over 70% of the time

  • Average glucose

  • The lowest and highest result

  • The percentage of measurements within the general target range of 3.9–10.0 mmol/l, also called TIR (Time in Range)

  • The percentage of measurements below 3.9 mmol/l or below 3.0 mmol/l

  • The percentage of measurements above 10.0 mmol/l or above 13.9 mmol/l

Glucose Management Indicator (GMI) is a figure comparable with HbA1c. HbA1c indicates the glycated haemoglobin level of red cells for the last couple of months. GMI, on the other hand, calculates a corresponding figure on the basis of the glucose levels using a different formula. However, it is not entirely same because of the different period of time and because the HbA1c value is also affected by the operation of red cells.

The daily report provides an overview of the variation in results at different times of the day. Is there a recurring blood sugar trend, for example, at night or after specific meals?

The meal report provides an overview of how the results behave in connection with different meals.

The device and software also provide various statistics, such as the coefficient of variation (CV), on variations in the blood sugar level.

If the insulin and carbohydrate quantities have been entered on a regular basis, it is possible to also get information regarding the effect and suitability of basal insulin, mealtime insulin and possible correction doses.

Target numbers in the use of glucose sensor:


General target

Considerably elderly or at high risk of hypoglycemia

GMI - Glucose index

< 53 mmol/mol

< 58–64 mmol/mol

Average glucose

< 8,6 mmol/l

< 10,2 mmol/l

Glucose variation CV %

≤ 36 %

≤ 36 %

Time in Range

> 70 %

> 50 %

> 13,9 mmol/l

< 5 %

< 10 %

> 10,0 mmol/l

< 25 %

​< 50 %

3,9–10,0 mmol/l

> 70 %

> 50 %

< 3,9 mmol/l

< 4 %

< 1 %

< 3,0 mmol/l

< 1 %

Not at all

Updated 30.9.2023