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Frequently asked questions about driving licence and diabetes

Frequently asked questions of diabets and driver's licence.

A person with diabetes requires a driving health certificate to obtain a moped licence. A self-certification or youth health certificate is not sufficient. The driving licence certificate can be obtained from a school doctor, health center doctor, or doctor treating the diabetes if the condition of diabetes or other health status does not pose any obstacle to obtaining the licence. To obtain a moped license, the health requirements for a group 1 driving license must be met.

The driving health of a person with diabetes is monitored during regular doctor appointmens. The interval for driving health checks is 1–5 years for car drivers (group 1 driving licence) and 1–3 years for heavy and professional transport (group 2 driving licence) depending on diabetes treatment, blood sugar balance, and possible other diseases related to diabetes. The doctor records the fulfillment of health requirements in patient documents. As a general rule, a separate statement is not needed unless the doctor or police have ordered an expedited medical examination.

A new doctor's certificate is needed when renewing a group 1 driving licence after the person has reached 70 years of age or when renewing a temporary group 2 driving licence after the person has reached 45 years of age.

A person with diabetes can work as a professional driver, but the health requirements for a group 2 driving licence are strict, and compliance is regularly monitored at a clinic every 1-3 years.

The group 2 driving licence must be renewed, and a doctor's certificate provided when the licence expires upon reaching 45 years of age, and then every five years thereafter.

Updated 30.9.2023