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Only little salt

A high salt intake is a significant contributor to cardiovascular diseases. Salt increases blood pressure and swelling.

The maximum amount of salt to consume in a day is 5 g or approximately one teaspoonful. Your sense of taste will adapt to less salt in a couple of weeks. Reducing your salt intake in itself reduces your blood pressure and improves the effect of blood pressure medication.

Daily choices have a great impact on your salt intake, and you should pay special attention to the amounts of salt in bread, cold cuts and processed food. The low-salt percentage limits of different foodstuffs:


Amount of salt


​0,9 %

Crispbread and biscuits

1,2 %

​Cereal and muesli

1,0 %

Cold cuts and sausages

1,5 %

Whole-meat cold cuts

2,0 %

Processed foods and sauces

0,8 %

Meat, fish and vegetable food products

1,0 %

The Heart Symbol makes it easier to find products with a moderate amount of salt.

You do not have to add salt to add flavour to food. Instead, you can use a wide range of spices, e.g. various peppercorns, herbs, wine vinegars, spice plants (onions, root vegetables, etc.), lemon or tomato-based products, such as crushed tomatoes.

Updated 30.9.2023