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Kidney failure and medications

Many pharmaceutical products exit the body via the kidneys. If the operation of the kidneys is impaired, the products are not removed as efficiently and the doses must be reduced.

Kidney failure has an effect both on the choice of medications and their doses. The summary of product characteristics indicates whether the medicine is suitable for kidney failure cases. The doctor will take into account the status of the patient’s kidneys when prescribing a medication.

Some diabetes medications are not compatible with a severe kidney failure. It can be one reason to switch to insulin therapy.

In addition to lowering the blood sugar level, some diabetes medications are proven to reduce kidney failure as well as cardiovascular diseases.

Anti-inflammatory medications (such as ibuprofen, ketoprofen and naproxen) may reduce the flow of blood in the kidneys. These should be used with care and long-term use avoided.

Updated 30.9.2023