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Factors that cause foot problems in diabetes

Severe foot problems, such as ulcers and gangrene often start as a consequence of a minor knock or some other external factor.

Typical causes of foot problems – and ulcers:

  • A small pebble or some other foreign object in the shoe causes an ulcer in the foot unnoticed because sensation in the foot is reduced

  • Stepping barefoot on a sharp rock, piece of broken glass, drawing pin or nail

  • Cutting yourself on the sharp edge of the ice during ice swimming

  • Cutting yourself when clipping your nails

  • Removing a callus a bit too heavy-handedly

  • The chafing or pressure caused by shoes that are a bit too narrow or short results in a sore, ulcer or blister

  • A burn caused by washing your feet in water that is too hot

  • A burn caused by lifting your feet too high up in the sauna

  • Frostbite resulting from wearing shoes that are too small or socks that are too thin

  • Broken skin caused by a corrosive product, such as a callus or wart remover

Updated 30.9.2023