This is Health Village

Health Village is an eHealth service platform developed together with patients and healthcare professionals.

Health Village services are designed to support the traditional care path with digital services. Health Village offers three distinct services:

  1. public health services for general public,
  2. digital care pathways for patients with specific diagnoses and care relationships, and
  3. digital services for healthcare professionals to improve their knowledge, providing online peer support in their daily work.

Health Village for General Public

Health Village consists of 32 virtual hubs for different patient groups. There are two types of hubs: hubs that focus on a specific disease such as Joint Hub, Cancer Hub and Heart Hub. In addition, there are hubs that provide information for various patient groups such as Rehabilitation Hub and Surgery hub.

The services in the hubs are anonymous and include for example information on diseases, service guidance, chatbots, chats and symptom navigators.

Digital Care Pathways

A digital care pathway is a modern care service, which offers online instructions available 24/7 for various treatment phases as well as self-care and rehabilitation programs. It provides a secure communication channel between a professional and a patient and the patient views.

The digital care pathway requires a doctor’s referral or a health care relationship.

Digital Services for Healthcare Professionals

Health Village PRO is a service designed for professionals in the social welfare and healthcare sectors. It supplements the eExpertise of social welfare and healthcare professionals and encourage them to see through to the end of operational changes associated with digital services. Furthermore, it prompts healthcare professionals to adopt new approaches at work.

The service includes training, guides, vi​rtual centers and artificial intelligence as professional aids, for example.

Currently, the Health Village content is only available in Finnish and Swedish.

Updated  1.4.2020