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​​Terms of use

Health Village is a digital service for specialised medical care that was developed by specialists collaborating with patients. By using the site, you agree to comply with the following terms. The different sub-services/houses of the Health Village platform may be subject to additional terms. Special terms concerning the use of identity verification apply to services that require users to verify their identity.


Any content available on the Health Village platform may be quoted in accordance with best practices as long as the source is credited. The internet address of the quoted website must always be in the following format: www.terveyskyla.fi/ name of the house (hub)


  • Text references: (Turvotuksen estohoito, Terveyskylä, Haavatalo)
  • Bibliography: Turvotuksen estohoito Terveyskylä, Haavatalo. Verkko-osoite: https://www.terveyskyla.fi/haavatalo/omahoito/turvotuksen-estohoito read​: 19.11.2019​

Service provider

Health Village services are developed and produced by the university hospital districts of Finland. The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) acts as the official representative for the service. Contact details: Paciuksenkatu 25, 00290 Helsinki. Tel: 09 4711.


Health Village reserves the right to change the terms of use, visual design, content, availability, selection of services, and other features of the website, or to terminate the service at any time without prior notice. Health Village reserves the right to suspend the service for the duration of maintenance or updates.

Responsibility of the service provider

The content and services of the Health Village platform have been created based on safe, reliable and evidence-based information. The content comprises of safe, high-quality health information that has been created by health care professionals and reviewed by relevant authorities from the Finnish university hospital districts’ specialties and clinics.

The information that Health Village provides is valid and accurate, but it is not targeted at any individual user. The content or guidance presented on the public side of Health Village is therefore not a substitute for a clinical evaluation made by a qualified health care professional or a diagnosis made by a doctor.

The university hospital districts of Finland are under no obligation to treat individual patients according to the practices outlined on the website. Additionally, the hospital districts assume no responsibility for any subjective interpretations or applications of the service’s contents or instructions.

The university hospital districts of Finland assume no responsibility of care for the users of the public side of the Health Village website, and the responsibility of care remains with the user's relevant health care provider.

Health Village is not liable for any direct or indirect damages caused by using or being denied use of this website or its electronic services. Health Village cannot guarantee that the website functions without interruption or error. The electronic information published on the Health Village website is designed solely for informative purposes, unless clearly stated otherwise.

Third party information

Health Village assumes no responsibility for any third party material linked to from this website.

Conditions of use

The user is responsible for ensuring that any information sent to the website is successfully received and accurate. The user agrees to not send any material to the website that is illegal or inappropriate in nature. The user must take all appropriate measures to ensure that the material sent to the website does not contain viruses or pose any other kind of risk.

Intellectual property rights

The copyright and other intellectual property rights of the Health Village digital service are the property of the HUS Joint Authority, the university hospital districts of Finland, or third party agents. All rights to the website and its content are reserved. Publishing, copying, transferring or altering the content or visual design of the website without permission from the rights holder is prohibited. This does not apply to saving the content on a computer or printing it for personal use. The content of the website may be used for educational purposes as long as the source is credited (see above: Referencing). If you use the content for educational purposes, please notify us at info@terveyskyla.fi.

Borrowing the material according to the terms of the Finnish Copyright Act (404/1961) is permissible. The source must always be credited when the material is borrowed. Copying, publishing or circulating any trademarks or logos from the website without written permission from Health Village is prohibited.

Personal data

No personal data is collected on the public side of the Health Village website. Any Health Village services that require users to register an account or sign in are subject to their own applicable privacy policies.

Web analytics and cookies

Health Village collects, processes and analyses data about the website’s use, traffic, user actions, and other relevant statistics. Health Village may also acquire this data from trusted third parties. This information cannot be traced back to a user.

The Health Village website employs cookies. Cookies are files that are saved on the user’s computer and provide information about their use of the Health Village website. By utilising cookies, Health Village can improve the website and ensure that it continues to meet the users’ needs. Cookies enable the website to recall the browser’s previously accessed content and offer the user more related information.

By using Health Village, you agree to the use of cookies. Health Village may use cookies to save anonymised data about the user, such as the user’s IP address, time of visit, visited pages, browser type (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox), and the URL and server that the user accessed the website from. Users cannot be identified by this cookie data. The use of cookies does not impact the security of the website.

Health Village may use cookie data about visited pages to target information. This allows the user to see messages that are relevant to them while browsing other websites. Not all such messages are based on cookie data, and other websites may also display messages about Health Village for unrelated reasons.

The user's browser will most likely accept the default cookie settings, but the user may also change the browser settings and/or delete the cookies if they wish to do so. Cookies are necessary for the functionality of some of the digital Health Village services. Health Village therefore cannot guarantee the functionality of all services in the event that cookies are disabled.

The service features third party social plugins and technical tools. Feeds of the Health Village Facebook and Twitter accounts are embedded on the Health Village home page. Google Analytics is used for website analytics, and Hotjar is used primarily for carrying out user surveys. Third party services are subject to their own privacy policies and terms of use. Health Village assumes no responsibility for any data collection or processing carried out by these services, including the collection of cookies or other tracking tools. We recommend that users acquaint themselves with the third party services’ applicable privacy policies and terms of use.

Applicable law

These terms, as well as any disputes regarding the Health Village website or its content, are governed by the law of Finland. Any disputes that arise will be processed by the District Court of Helsinki.

Updated  9.4.2020